File Dialog Changer

File Dialog Changer 1.0

Change the style of your "Save as..." dialog

File Dialog Changer is one of those utilities which hardly takes up any space on your Pocket PC, but which you'll find you use regularly because it's so simple and practical.

As its name ably suggests, this program can change the dialog window with the "Save as..." option to a new window which includes file explorer capabilities. In this way, you can choose to save files wherever you like, from applications such as Word, Excel and others.

To install File Dialog Changer, you'll need to follow these steps: firstly, download and decompress the ZIP file; next, copy the files "gsgetfile.dll" and “filedlgchg.cpl” into your Pocket PC's Windows folder. Then, launch “filedlgchg.cpl” using the advanced file explorer, GSFinder+.

File Dialog Changer


File Dialog Changer 1.0

User reviews about File Dialog Changer

  • *tom

    by *tom


    I like this program because it's tiny but really quite useful. If you use your Pocket PC for handling a lot of documents... More.

    reviewed on April 11, 2006